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NaBloPoMo Day 29

Why are the first days back at school or work after a prolonged holiday period so incredibly impossible to go through?  I normally adore going into work, but today it took me all I could just to get through the day.  I suppose part of it is based on my not being rested up enough to tackle the day.  I'm not the same person I was when I was able to thrive on just three hours' sleep in high school and college.  I am older and I feel older and it's just so much harder for me to get a little sleep at night, wake up ready for the day (without coffee!), progress through the day, take a short nap in the interim period between afternoon and evening, and be awake and alert throughout the rest of the night.  I also suppose there's a little bit of the "it was so much fun just waking up later, having some fun for a couple of days, and not having to follow the same daily schedule for a couple of days, but now I have to get back on the old horse" element to the day.

Oh dear God, my baby dog just acted up horribly and my mom just delivered a major punishment to her, with my assistance.  This is the third time she's done this and I know it enrages my mom because it's a horrible thing for a dog to do, and part of me feels kinda horrible about my mom being so hot-headed about it, but the other part understands that she has every right to feel this way, and I did help my mom discipline our dog.  At the same time, I also feel guilty because I don't think I'm being as vigilant about being a disciplinarian to my pup as I should be and I feel like I should be creating a stricter, more structured environment for her.  I'm glad I'm going through all of this with a puppy instead of with a baby because I have a feeling this is all prepping me for becoming a parent, and the ramifications of a rascally child have the ability to have greater impact than those of a rascally puppy.  So perhaps it's imperative I learn these lessons before I start the process of motherhood.  Yikes.  Though I suppose on that front I have my mom to turn to for parenting advice; she was a very strict, very effective mom, and I consider that the best kind of parenting.

So.  Anyway.  As far as things aside from that of the everyday, what else is happening in my world?  Well, I managed to read through most of the newspaper this afternoon instead of taking breaks at work, and I was able to notice that the local newspaper's gotten dumber since the last time I was able to read through it.  I didn't think that was possible.  And I don't know what they did with their editorial section, because I read through almost all the sections of the paper and I couldn't find any of it.  Did they do something wholly illogical such as stick the editorial section in the middle of the classifieds section?  Do they figure that since they post their stories online and allow for comments that that's enough editorializing as it is?  Or did they completely do away with the editorials?  Or... come to think of it, I think my mom (since I brought the newspaper from home) took out a small section of the Metro section with some obituaries.  That can't have completely gotten rid of the editorials, could it?  If so, that'd mean the editorials for a Sunday edition have reduced to the size of the editorials section from an average weekday back when I last regularly read the paper.  And as for the rest of the paper, I felt like I was reading through a high school paper, with several holiday ad circulars stuck in the middle.  This must be why readership numbers are severely down; you can find a lot more quality news reporting on the various news blogs/"pajamams media" sources out there, and for the professional angle you can simply drop into the LA Times, BBC News, Fox News, and CNN websites for trustworthy and traditional reporting.

Gosh, what else is there to talk about?  Nothing much; just little tidbits here and there.  It really is just one more day before the end of NaBloPoMo, isn't it?  I'm nearly completely drawn up at the well here, and what I do have are the bottom dregs.  It's been a fantastic exercise in regular blogging, but at the same time it's been an exercise in ignoring other things I've been wanting to do online.  Because of how tightly restricted my schedule is, I can only do a few things online at a time and this has been completely taking over my ability to do a lot of other things I've been wanting to do throughout the month.  Still, it's exposed that weakness in my life and I could take action to try to remedy it, through a more efficiently regimented life.  And with that, I close the second-to-last entry for this year's NaBloPoMo.


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