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Why, hello there (again)!
So I decided to take a few days off from doing any entries to my LJ, after the surprisingly pressure-filled demands of NaBloPoMo took the bloom out of the idea of inputting anything daily to anywhere.  It's been surprisingly interesting having to reacclimate myself to the idea that I don't have to type anything for LJ/NaBloPoMo; I can recall on December 1, eating dinner while trying to think about what the theme for the day would be and what I would add that night.  Then I remembered -- I didn't HAVE to add anything that day!  Whew, what a relief!  But there's also something to the idea that once it becomes a part of your schedule, it starts becoming weird to consider the idea that you don't have to do whatever it is that you once did.  So I'm doing once more what I usually did during NaBloPoMo -- I've got my trusty kitchen timer by my side and timing myself to make sure I don't take more than twenty minutes to write out an entry.  The goal toward no more than twenty minutes per entry adds an element of competitiveness and pressure that compels me to type out precisely what's on my mind at this very moment instead of hemming and hawing over each individual word I type out, thus taking twice as much time to input anything of value.  So.  New paragraph, maybe?

I've been watching something on the Cooking Channel that really interests and amuses me.  It's called "Bitchin' Kitchen" and is hosted by someone named Nadia G.  She comes across as someone who really enjoys the rockabilly/Bettie Page-loving scene.  Her look is all about the kitschy '50s element, from bright red lipstick to poofed out hair and very retro '50s-style dresses.  She talks like a tough New York Italian, though the blogosphere indicates that that mode of speech is common for Italian people who live in east Montreal, which is where she's from.  She's hilarious and has an interesting cast of supporting characters who pop in with interesting tidbits about the theme of the episode.  And she can actually cook!  She doesn't half-ass it like the demon spawn herself Sandra Lee, she doesn't add copious amounts of fat like Paula Deen (though God bless her, she is a hoot and a half to watch), she doesn't cackle and grate like Rachael Ray, and she isn't the snobbiest snob who ever snobbed like Ina Garten is.  And she seems like she would actually be able to change the oil on her own car, unlike Giada de Laurentiis.  So -- total and complete win!  My new favorite female cooking personality right there.  Thank you, Canada!

As for what's going on in my life -- nothing much, really.  It's pretty much been the same old same old.  I've got a cup of PG Tips tea (my personal favorite for hot tea) cooling by my side because it's kinda cold outside and this tea will help warm me up while also perking me up.  Today my little puppy got her first photo taken with the Santa at PetsMart and about five or six people came up to her and cooed over her.  It was kinda like being with a rock star!  I'm not going into work tomorrow because I have to accompany Mom to outpatient surgery; she's having a cataract taken out at her opthalmologist's outpatient surgical center early tomorrow morning and I'm going to want to be by her side all day.  So we've rearranged things to where I'll be able to go into work on Friday instead of having Friday off to take Mom to appointments or run errands.  So this upcoming week should be interesting.  Next Saturday is the amputee support group's Christmas party and the menu looks, um, *interesting*.  We're contributing to the general mishmash by making some cranberry salad (or, as our relatives call it, "pink slop") to take to the, um, interesting luncheon.  But it's something festive to do for the holiday season.  And... I don't know what else to say.  That's pretty much it as far as anything exciting or noteworthy goes.

So we have come to the conclusion of this entry.  It's been rather wonderful typing out something for my LJ and I think I'll have to do this about once or twice a week so I can learn how to be good at extemperaneous writing and vanquish the need to have arguments in my brain over every single word I type out or say.  Like there -- I could almost imagine a collection of words duking it out like a gigantic boxing match or professional wrestling exhibition right there.  That's the biggest obstacle toward my inability to be a halfway decent writer being, is my inability to just let the words roll out as they may while having the compulsion to be a total verbal control freak.  Perhaps these exercises will help me toward my goal of eventually being able to write out a whole novel.  Which would be beyond amazing, I should think; I would love to be able to participate in NaNoWriMo one year AND reach the goal of 50,000 words in a month.  Wow, wouldn't that be amazing?  In order for me to be able to do that, however, I need to work on my ability to just let go and "let it flow", as the Most Awesome Person In The World (no, not Simon) would say.  Perhaps this will be my key to being able to accomplish that goal.

The end.  (For tonight, anyway.)


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