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Writer's Block: Snacks, don't fail me now
When you're feeling down, what comfort foods do you enjoy?

Very few things comfort me like a warm, delicious bowl of soup can.  I've grown quite partial to Progresso's Italian wedding soup, am also a fan of their chicken and sausage gumbo and chicken noodle soup, and can make a pretty awesome homemade chicken soup.  I have a theory about this:  Since soup does such a good job warming you from the inside and because it's a hearty, flavorful meal in a bowl, it's one of the most perfect comfort foods there is.

Another thing that really comforts me is the Marie Callender brand chicken and mushroom pot pie.  It is quite simply the most divine frozen food thing ever.  The whole process of preparing and eating one is perfect for those exceptionally stressful days.  I prep the pot pie, stick it back in the freezer while the oven preheats, see what needs attending to around the house, pop the pot pie in the oven, take a shower, catch up on e-mails/the Internet, blow dry my hair, take the pot pie out, let it cool just a little, feed my puppy, and savor every luscious bite.  It usually takes me a good 35 - 40 minutes to finish the pot pie, and when I'm finished the day has melted away and I finally feel satisfied.

For sweet things that comfort me, I prefer ice cream.  Walgreens sells its own brand of Moose Tracks ice cream that I'll get every now and then, that comforts me when I eat it.  Or I'll get cookies and cream, cherry, or any number of other types of ice cream I prefer.  I like to leave it out for about ten or fifteen minutes to let it soften, then I scoop some out into a small bowl and eat it with a plastic spoon.  I find that ice cream tastes a whole lot better if you eat it when it's been softened and with a plastic spoon.  Another thing I'll do about maybe once a month is I'll go to Jack in the Box and get a chocolate shake to go, then I'll drink it while commuting.  They make their shakes with real ice cream and it tastes much like what you'd expect an old fashioned soda fountain shake to taste like.  Any time I can get one of those to start my day is a good day for me.


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