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In This Town, You Need a Bulletproof Heart.

The Extroverted Introvert
I am a complicated beast and it's best I don't reduce myself down by adding a quick little witticism about myself that may or may not completely describe who I am. Let's just say I'm an enigma who's always existed outside the periphery but once you get to know me, you see how predictable and reliable I can be. See interests for a general idea of What I Am Like. p.s.: I like the color blue.
24 hour party people, 80s music, abba, abc, alden tyrell, all the president's men, and arithmetic, andy warhol, arcadia, architecture, ascii disko, blancmange, bryan ferry, buzzcocks, calculus, chairlift, change, chic, chris meloche, cold weather, colin newman, colin thurston, cooking, creed bratton, cut copy, d.a.f., dandyism, david bowie, david sylvian, diet coke, division of laura lee, duran duran, eternal sunshine, f. scott fitzgerald, fad gadget, feminism, fingerprintz, fischerspooner, fry and laurie, gang of four, george lopez, golden chick, ground force, hard-fi, heaven 17, hignfy, human league, ian dury, introspection, introversion, iris murdoch, italo disco, james kochalka, japan (the band), japanese food, jason's deli, jasper carrott, john foxx, johnny hates jazz, josef k, joy division, koyaanisqatsi, ladytron, libertarianism, life on mars (uk), linux, lorrie moore, made in sheffield, magazine (the band), mark e. smith, mexican food, mick karn, modern eon, my bloody valentine, new order, nine horses, obscure new wave, old commercials, old home movies, oscar wilde, photography, post-punk, pretty in pink, q.i., reading, robert d. kaplan, roxy music, sally shapiro, scottish punk, scritti politti, simple minds, sister sledge, sixteen candles, soviet, spandau ballet, stephen fry, sudoku, sushi, t.rex, tab cola, talk talk, the archers, the breakfast club, the cure, the devils, the fall, the kinks, the mighty boosh, the mood, the passions, the producers (the band), the rolling stones, the scars, the sound, the swingers, the waitresses, tv burp, ultravox, university challenge, valley girl, visage, waking life, whimsy, whodoyouthinkyouare, windows vista, wire, writing, yellow magic orchestra, youtube